NeuroAdvanced Profile + Cortisol

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Test Company: ZRT
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 At Home

Collection Instructions & Videos

  • Watch a collection video
  • Collection instructions
  • Collect your first urination immediately upon waking for the day. 
  • Don’t eat, drink anything but water, take vitamins or supplements, or take medications (except as advised by your health care provider) until after the first collection. 
  • Refrain from drinking more than 8 oz in the hour before each collection to allow your urine to concentrate. ` Hormone users: After the first morning collection, supplement with your regular morning hormone dose (AVOID VAGINAL HORMONE USE). Wash hands thoroughly afterwards - especially if you are using topical hormones. 
  • Collect your second urination of the day, about 2 hours after your first collection. Limit drinking to 8 oz the hour before. 
  • Collect just before dinner. Limit drinking to 8 oz the hour before. ` Collect just before bedtime. Limit drinking to 8 oz the hour before. 
  • Hormone users: If you supplement hormones at night before bed, collect your last (night) sample before using hormones (e.g. oral or topical progesterone). Vaginal hormone use may be resumed AFTER the last urine collection of the day.


  • Your test has already been paid for. You do not need to provide further payment.


  • Your provider will notify you when results are in and schedule a follow-up to review them together

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