HP Profile

Test Details

Lab Company: Sanesco & NeuroLab
Sample Type: Urine
Collection Location: At Home

The HP Profile measures a variety of neurotransmitters to assess the health of the nervous system.    

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Key Details 

  • Ship your samples via FedEx within 7 days of collection. 
  • You must avoid certain foods and activities on the day of sample collection.
  • You will collect your second urination of the day.

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Preparation & Timing

  • Avoid the following foods and activities until you have collected your sample.
    • Strenuous exercise
    • Drinking caffeine
    • Drinking more than 8 oz of fluid
  • You will collect your second urination of the day.

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Collection Instructions

  1. You will collect your second urination of the day. 
  2. Collect a midstream sample of urine in the provided collection container. 
  3. Open the urine collection tube. 
    1. Do NOT rinse the tube or remove the stabilizer material (the liquid drops and/or the small cotton ball).   
  4. Using the plastic pipette, transfer urine into the tube. 
    1. The tube should be half-full. 
  5. Close the tube tightly. 
  6. Dispose of the collection container, pipette, and any leftover urine. 
  7. Invert the tube several times to mix the stabilizer and your urine. 
  8. Place the tube in the freezer immediately.
    1. The sample should be frozen for a minimum of 4 hours prior to shipping.
  9. If you have the CARE Report add-on, see the instructions HERE.

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Requisition & Payment

  • Your kit has been prepaid. You DO NOT need to pay anything extra.
  • Instructions on how to fill out your requisition can be found HERE.
    • Since you pre-paid for your tests, you do not need to fill in the payment information on any of these forms.

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  • Samples should be shipped within 7 days of collection. 
  • To prepare your samples for shipping, 
    • Place the completed test requisition form into the outside compartment of the specimen bag. 
    • Place the urine sample tube in the specimen bag.
      • Do NOT remove the absorbent sheet. 
    • Seal the specimen bag. 
    • Place the specimen bag in the white shipping box
      • Do NOT include any ice packs. 
    • Seal the white shipping box
    • Place the prepaid shipping label on the box. 
  • Make a note of the tracking number so that you can track your samples back to the lab. 
  • You can take your samples to the nearest FedEx location for them to be shipped back to the lab.

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  • Results should be released to your provider 7-10 business days after samples are received at the lab. We cannot guarantee processing time. 
  • Your provider will notify you when your results are in and schedule a follow-up appointment for you to review them together.

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More Resources

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For general questions, email Rupa Health at support@rupahealth.com. For test-specific questions, contact Sanesco by calling 866-670-5705 or emailing customerservice@sanescohealth.com