BioReference Laboratories Tests

What is BioReference Laboratories?
BioReference Laboratories is one of the largest testing and diagnostics companies in the country, covering a wide range of blood tests including vitamin testing, metabolic panels, and thyroid testing. 

What is Scarlet Health?
Scarlet Health is BioReference Laboratories’ mobile phlebotomy service. Scarlet covers California, Texas and Florida. When your practitioner orders a BioReference Laboratories test, Scarlet Health will come directly to you (at any address of your choosing in the covered) to draw your blood. 

How will I know if Scarlet Health is able to come to my address? What if I live in a remote area?
On the patient checkout page, before you can pay for your order, there will be a field to enter the zip code for your blood draw. Please note, Scarlet is only available in 3 states (CA, TX, FL). This zip code is the location you will be at for your appointment (such as your house, a friend’s house, your place of work, etc). Once the zip code is entered, we'll automatically verify whether you are in range of Scarlet Health within the covered states.

If you are not within Scarlet Health’s geographic range, then any BioReference Laboratories tests will be removed from your order. You can then proceed to pay for any other tests in your order. If your order only contains BioReference Laboratories’ test, then your order will be canceled.

Your practitioner will be alerted that the BioReference Laboratories tests were removed from your order. Your practitioner should reach out to you to provide you with another option.

Do I have to get my blood drawn for a BioReference Laboratories test through Scarlet Health?
Yes. Scarlet Health makes it easy and convenient to get your blood drawn. They come directly to you (no need to drive to a draw center) and draw your blood from the convenience of your living room, your work, or any address of your choosing.

Is there a fee for Scarlet Health?
Yes. There is a $25 mobile phlebotomy fee that is bundled into the payment for your order. Mobile phlebotomy fees are typically $50 or more, through other companies or services.

How do I prepare for a Scarlet Health visit?
Scarlet Health will send you any special instructions for your test ahead of time (such as whether you need to fast or not). Other than that, all you have to do is relax and wait for your scheduled appointment.

Does Scarlet Health bring the test kit to me?
Yes. You will not need to wait for a test kit to arrive in the mail. Scarlet Health will bring everything you need and take your blood sample with them to the lab for processing.

How long does it take to get my results?
Typically, your results will come in about 3-5 days after your blood draw. Your results will be uploaded to the Rupa portal, where your practitioner can access them. Your practitioner will then release the results to you.

What if my practitioner ordered BioReference Laboratories tests alongside other tests? How does that work?
If your order contains BioReference Laboratories tests plus other blood draw tests:

  • Scarlet Health will reach out to you directly to coordinate your BioReference tests
  • For non-BioReference tests, your test kit(s) will come to you in the mail. Be sure to hold onto them, as you'll need them to complete your blood draw - whether you go to a draw center or if a mobile phlebotomist comes to you. Rupa will send you instructions via email on local phlebotomy options that you can leverage to coordinate your blood draw(s). Be sure to open your kits and review the contents, as some require freezing ice packs prior to the blood draw.

If your order contains BioReference Laboratories tests plus non-blood draw tests

  • Scarlet Health will reach out to you directly to coordinate your BioReference tests
  • Rupa will send you your test kit in the mail, along with patient instructions on how to complete the tests.. Follow the instructions and send your kit back in the mail after completing your tests.

Is there an age requirement for BioReference Laboratories tests?
Yes. You must be 10 years or older.