Saliva Female Hormones



Test Details

Test Company: Ayumetrix
Test Type: 
Collection Location:
 At Home


Planning & Prepping

  • This is an all day collection with four samples
    • Upon awakening (within the first 30 minutes)
    • At Noon (Mid-Day)
    • Afternoon (4 pm)
    • At bedtime (right before getting into bed; around 9 pm)
  • Keep collection supplies by your bedside (ziplock bag with tubes, these instructions, and requisition form).

Collection Instructions 

  • Collection instructions are attached to the bottom of this page.
  • Upon awakening, open the kit and retrieve ONLY one collection tube.
  • After collecting sample replace the cap on the collection tube. Make sure the cap is screwed on completely. Mark your name, the sample collection date and time on the space provided on the sample collection tube.
  • Immediately after collecting your sample, fill in the required information in the test requisition form. Be sure to write the exact time and date of collection. Store the collected sample in the freezer.
  • Follow these procedures above with the #2, #3 and #4 samples. After placing all 4 saliva samples into the ziplock bag, close the bag tightly and store in the freezer until mailed.


  • The day after you collect the 4 samples, place the following into the pre-addressed mailer: 
    • Tightly close ziplock bag containing #1, #2, #3 and #4 saliva samples.
    • The completed requisition form.
    • Close the mailer, place the shipping label and mail the package to AYUMETRIX.


  • Your provider will notify you once results are ready.