Allergix® IgG4 Food Antibodies Profile 30


Test Details

Test Company: Genova Diagnostics
Test Type:
Blood Spot
Collection Location:
 At Home


Collection Instructions & Videos

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 Key Details To Know

  • Test is done via urine sample at home.
  • Specimens must be received in the laboratory within 24 hours of collection.
  • No specific diet or fasting required.
  • Continue medications and supplements.

Planning & Timing

  • There is no specific timing required for this test.


  • It is important to ship samples back within 48 hours of collection.
  • No fasting is required.
  • Continue medications and supplements as normal.
  • Avoid immunosuppressive drugs, such as cortisone, for 60 days before collection. Contact your provider with questions and before discontinuing any prescriptions.

Requisition & Payment:

If you paid the full test price to Rupa up front:

  • You won't need to pay or do anything else.
  • Don't worry about filling out payment or insurance sections on the requisition.
  • Make sure "Clinician Bill" is checked off.

If you're going through insurance for the test:

  • You paid Rupa Health the Initial Insurance price for the test
  • Genova will bill your insurance company for the remainder of the test price
  • Genova will contact you if there is any remaining balance
  • Make sure to fill in your insurance information on the requisition form


  • Shipping is already paid for.
  • Be sure to ship your samples back within 48 hours of collection.
  • Be sure to include the following:
    • Test Requisition Form, Personal Health Assessment Form, Resealable plastic bag, Specimen collection kit box, Postage-paid return envelope
      • *International shipping may vary, please see shipping instructions for more details.


  • Your provider will notify you when results are in and schedule a follow-up to review them together.


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