NutrEval Add On: Genomic SNP - MTHFR Combined


 Test Details

Test Company: Genova Diagnostics
Test Type:
Urine and Blood
Collection Location:
 At Home and In Lab

A Comprehensive Test for Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies

NutrEval FMV® (First Morning Void) test identifies key nutritional deficiencies. The NutrEval FMV evaluates overall nutritional status to determine personalized supplementation needs for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients.

The NutrEval FMV is an advanced diagnostic tool to guide nutritional therapies, often augmenting and speeding recovery of complex chronic conditions. Select genomics biomarkers may be added to the profile for enhanced personalization of therapies.

Key Things to Know:

  • This test requires both urine and blood. You'll need to go into a phlebotomist or to your practitioner's office to get the blood drawn. Everything needs to be shipped out together.
  • You'll need to freeze the 2 Urine Tubes overnight prior to the morning of the blood draw.
  • You must fast overnight prior to your blood draw.
  • There is a saliva swab included with the kit, but this is only relevant if you have genomics add-ons included in your test.
  • The Rupa team should contact you with instructions on when and where to complete blood draw.

Important Prep Before Patient Takes Test

  • Schedule your blood draw with your physician
  • Abnormal kidney function or use of diuretics may influence test results. This test should not be performed on individuals with kidney disorders impacting kidney function or creatinine levels.
  • Female patients should not collect urine during a menstrual period or while pregnant

Medications May Impact Results

Do not discontinue any medication without first speaking with your physician.

  • All classes of antibiotics
  • Amphetamines
  • Acid blocking medications (e.g. Cimetidine)
  • Anti-diabetic medications increasing urine glucose (e.g. Invokana)
  • Fibrates medications (e.g. Ciprofibrate)
  • Corticosteroids

4 Days Before The Test

Discontinue all of the following (unless instructed otherwise by your physician).

  • Non-essential medications and/or supplements including acetaminophen and over-the-counter cold remedies; any vitamins, minerals, amino acids (including protein and creatinine supplements)
  • Herbal supplements taken regularly – including enhanced sports drinks, energy drinks, and vitamin waters
  • Products containing artificial sweeteners and Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

24 Hours Before The Test

  • Eat your usual diet. Over-consuming any single food or extreme diets should be avoided.
  • Fluid intake should be limited to eight (8) 8-ounce glasses of fluid 24-hours prior to urine specimen collection.

At Least 8 Hours Before The Test

  • Patients must fast overnight prior to the blood draw

The Day of The Test

  • Both urine tubes must be completely frozen prior to blood draw appointment


Collection Instructions & Videos


Requisition & Payment:

If you paid the full test price to Rupa up front:

  • You won't need to pay or do anything else.
  • Don't worry about filling out payment or insurance sections on the requisition.
  • Make sure "Clinician Bill" is checked off.

If you're going through insurance for the test:

  • You paid Rupa Health the Initial Insurance price for the test
  • Genova will bill your insurance company for the remainder of the test price
  • Genova will contact you if there is any remaining balance
  • Make sure to fill in your insurance information on the requisition form


  • Your provider will notify you when results are in and schedule a follow-up to review them together


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