Omega 3 Index Complete



Test Details

Test Company: Ayumetrix
Test Type:
Blood Spot
Collection Location:
 At Home

Diet is not the only thing that determines your
blood fatty acid levels- metabolism, genetics, gender, weight, age
and other lifestyle factors all can play a role. For Omega-3s and
trans fats, eating that fat directly increases blood levels of that fat.
Other fatty acids do not respond to intake. For example, eating a lot
of saturated fat does not directly raise blood levels of saturated fats,
but eating a lot of carbohydrate does. This is what makes testing so
important. The only way to know your blood fatty acid levels and
how your diet affects them is to test every 4- 6 months.

Planning and Prepping

  • Collect upon awakening (within the first 30 minutes)
  • Important Tip Rub hands together/ swing arm and gently massage your forearm with the other hand to encourage blood flow before nicking finger.

Collection Instructions & Videos

  • Collection video
  • Be sure to wash and dry hands completely before collection and use alcohol wipe provided.
  • Make sure to produce enough blood to fill sections of collection device.


  • Your test is prepaid and you do NOT need to provided further payment.


  • A prepaid return shipping label is provided. You do not need to pay for return shipping. 
  • Be sure to let samples dry completely before shipping.


  • Your provider will notify you when results are ready.