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GenomicInsight®reports on over 5,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in one comprehensive functional DNA test. Online results include therapeutic recommendations backed by the latest medical literature from PubMed, GWAS (genome wide association study), dbSNP, HapMap (haplotype map) and several others.

Data gleaned from Genomic Insight® informatics uses the latest medical literature to provide relevant information on nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, diet, and lifestyle interventions that can proactively influence a patient’s SNPs to reduce or prevent disease risk. Furthermore, pharmacogenomic results included in the profile allow practitioners to predict the efficacy of select pharmaceuticals tailored the individual’s genetic make-up.


Collection Instructions & Videos

  • The kit will come with detailed instructions


Specimens may be shipped Monday through FridayThe lab receives specimens 5 days a week. We only require that the specimen be received within 6 days after collection.

Before shipping be sure that the capped Specimen Vial is tightly secured, and the Test Request Form are labeled and completely filled out including payment. Be sure the Sample Vial is sealed in the Zip Closure Specimen Bag and that the Test Request Form are in the Kit box.

Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 to Schedule Your Pickup

  1. When the automated greeting begins say, “Rep.”
  2. When asked if you are shipping a package say, “Yes,” and a live person will then answer to help schedule your pickup.
  3. Let them know you are shipping using a Billable Stamp.



  • We release results directly to your doctor
  • Your doctor will notify you when results are in and schedule a follow-up to review them together


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