Test Details

Lab Company: Mosaic Diagnostics
Sample Type: Urine
Collection Location: At Home

This is a single-marker test measuring kryptopyrrole. High levels of circulating kryptopyrrole can quickly deplete zinc and vitamin B6. 

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Key Details 

  • Do not collect your samples while menstruating. 
  • You will collect your samples upon waking. 
  • Freeze your samples before shipping.
  • Samples may only be shipped Monday through Thursday. 
  • DO NOT register your kit online.

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Preparation & Timing

  • Save the cardboard test kit box - you will use this to ship back your samples.
  • If your practitioner has ordered Mosaic Diagnostics tests with multiple sample types, consult THIS DOCUMENT to determine the order in which you should collect your samples.
  • DO NOT collect samples while menstruating.
  • 1 week before collection 
    • If this is your first time testing for pyrroles, discontinue taking any supplements containing vitamin B6 or zinc.
    • If you are currently being treated for pyrroluria, continue taking any vitamin B6 and zinc supplements. 
  • The day of collection 
    • You will collect your samples upon waking.
    • DO NOT eat or drink prior to collecting your samples. 

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Collection Instructions

  1. Collect your first morning urine in the provided collection cup. 
    1. Collect prior to eating or drinking. 
    2. You will need a minimum of 10 mL for each urine test ordered.
  2. Locate the amber tube. 
    1. DO NOT touch or discard the acid in the tube.
  3. Pour urine from the collection cup into the amber tube. 
  4. Fill the amber tube 3/4 full.
  5. Place the cap back on the tube tightly. 
  6. Invert the vial 10 times to mix the sample and the acid.
  7. Screw the collection cup lid on tightly.
  8. Write the following information on the barcode stickers.
    1. Your full name
    2. Date of collection 
    3. Time of collection 
  9. Check the box "Check if Frozen" on the barcode stickers.
  10. Place a barcode sticker on the collection cup.
  11. Place the following items into the freezer.
    1. Collection cup
    2. Amber tube
    3. Provided gel pack (lay it flat!)
  12. The samples and gel pack should remain in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours prior to shipping.
    1. Keep them in the freezer until ready to ship.
    2. Your frozen samples are only viable for 30 days after collection.
  13. Complete the test requisition form following the directions HERE.
    1. DO NOT register your kit online.
  14. When you are ready to ship your samples, place the collection cup into the biohazard zip-lock bag along with the absorbent sheet.
  15. Place the amber tube into the biohazard zip-lock bag.
  16. Place the frozen gel pack and the samples into the silver thermo bag.
  17. Place the silver thermo bag into the cardboard test kit box.
    1. If the samples are not in the box, they will be rejected by UPS.
  18. Place the completed test requisition form into the box and close the lid.

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Requisition & Payment

  • Your kit has been prepaid. You DO NOT need to pay anything extra.
  • Instructions on how to fill out your requisition can be found HERE.
    • Since you pre-paid for your tests, you do not need to fill in the payment information on this form.
    • DO NOT register your kit online.

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  • Your samples must be frozen for a minimum of 4 hours prior to shipping.
  • To prepare your samples for shipping,    
    • Place the collection cup into the biohazard zip-lock bag. 
      • Ensure the absorbent sheet is in the bag as well. 
    • Place the amber tube into the biohazard zip-lock bag.
    • Place the frozen gel pack into the silver thermo bag.
    • Place the biohazard zip-lock bag into the silver thermo bag.
    • Place the silver thermo bag into the cardboard box. 
    • Place the completed test requisition form into the box.
    • Seal the cardboard box. 
    • Place the cardboard box into the provided UPS Laboratory Pak.
    • Seal the Laboratory Pak.
  • Make a note of your tracking number (found on the Return Label) so that you can track your samples back to the lab. 
  • Ship via UPS, Monday - Thursday only.
    • You can take your samples to the nearest UPS location.
    • DO NOT place your samples in a UPS drop box. 
    • You can also schedule a UPS pickup by calling 1 (800) 742-5877.

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  • Results should be released to your provider 2-3 weeks after samples are received at the lab. We cannot guarantee processing time. 
  • Your provider will notify you when your results are in and schedule a follow-up appointment for you to review them together. 

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More Resources

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For general questions, email Rupa Health at For test-specific questions, contact Mosaic Diagnostics by calling 1-800-288-0383 or emailing