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AH Profile
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Test Details

Lab Company: Sanesco & NeuroLab
​Sample Type: Saliva
​Collection Location: At Home

The AH Profile provides a comprehensive adrenal hormone assessment.

Key Details

  • πŸ—“οΈ Collect all of your samples on the same day.

  • ❌ You must avoid alcohol and certain activities before sample collection.

  • 🚚 Ship your samples via FedEx within 7 days of collection.

Preparation & Timing

  • Avoid alcohol for at least 12 hours before the first sample collection.

  • Avoid the following activities on the day of sample collection.

    • Drinking alcohol

    • Exercising or engaging in heavy physical activity

    • Napping for 90 minutes or longer

  • Avoid the following activities for at least 1 hour before each saliva collection.

    • Eating

    • Chewing gum

    • Smoking

    • Brushing your teeth

    • Drinking anything but water

Collection Instructions

You will collect four saliva samples throughout the day. Proper timing is important.

To collect your samples,

  1. Rinse your mouth with warm water.

  2. Wait 10 minutes before starting your collection.

  3. Open the appropriate tube (see the schedule and tube colors above).

  4. Pool saliva in your mouth.

    1. If you have trouble producing saliva, try

      1. Yawning

      2. Thinking of your favorite food

      3. Smelling lemons or lemon juice

  5. Carefully spit saliva into the tube.

  6. Fill the tube to the fill line (not including bubbles).

    1. The liquid part of your sample should reach the fill line.

  7. Close the tube tightly.

  8. Place the tube in the freezer immediately.

    1. The sample should be frozen for a minimum of 4 hours before shipping.

  9. Complete your test requisition form.

  10. Repeat steps 1-9 for each of the four saliva collections.

  11. If you have the CARE Report add-on, you MUST complete the Wellness Form health questionnaire in your test kit.

Requisition & Payment

  • Your kit has been prepaid. You DO NOT need to pay anything extra.

  • You must complete your requisition form and send it back with your samples.

    • Since you pre-paid for your tests, you do not need to fill in the payment information on this form.


  • Samples should be shipped within 7 days of collection.

  • To prepare your samples for shipping,

    • Place the completed test requisition form into the kit box.

    • Place the four saliva sample tubes into the specimen bag.

      • DO NOT remove the absorbent sheet.

    • Seal the specimen bag.

    • Place the specimen bag into the kit box.

      • DO NOT include any ice packs.

    • Seal the kit box.

    • Place the prepaid shipping label on the box. You can use the label to help seal the box.

  • Make a note of the tracking number so that you can track your samples back to the lab.

  • You can take your samples to the nearest FedEx location for them to be shipped back to the lab.

    • DO NOT place your samples in a FedEx drop box.


  • Results should be released to your provider 7-10 business days after samples are received at the lab. Rupa Health cannot guarantee processing time.

More Resources


Reach out to Rupa Health via the chat in your patient portal.

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