Urinalysis, Microscopic
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Test Company: Access Med Labs

Test Type: Serum

Collection Location: In Lab (Requires Phlebotomy)

Planning & Prepping

  • Keep the kit to send back your samples to the lab.

  • Limit liquid consumption during the collection period. (about 8 glasses of water is ok)

  • Do not eat seafood 24 hours prior to collection

Collection Instructions

  • Collection instructions are locatd in

  • For Random time collection skip your first urination of the day and collect all proceeding urinations.

  • For Timed collection collect only within the time frame provided by your physician.

  • Use the cup provided to urinate directly into then pour into the large container.

  • Using the provided pipette, collect a portion from the large jug to send back to the lab as instructed.


  • Your test has already been paid for. You do not need to provide further payment.


  • Your provider will notify you when results are ready.


  • Ship your samples back to the lab as instructed here on the last page.

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