Neuro-Biogenic Amines
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Test Details

Test Company: Doctor's Data
Test Type:
Collection Location:
At Home

Planning & Prepping

  • Two days before the test:

    • Avoid avocados, eggplant, tomatoes, bananas, melons, pineapple, grapefruit, plums, nuts, nut butters, wine, cheese, rice, and chocolate

  • One day before the test and during:

    • Avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol, coffee, tea, and caffeinated beverages, tobacco or nicotine products

  • During the test:

    • It is preferable to be off supplements and medications including those that regulate allergy, mood, sleep, pain, and inflammation. Do not discontinue anything without consulting your medical provider.

Collection Instructions

  • It is important that you know if you are taking the 24 hour test or the timed test. Please follow the instructions for the testing type that your practitioner has ordered for you.

The Requisition

An example req is attached, showing how to fill out the sections. Instructions are also here:

  • In section 1:Please check off "Practitioner Bill"

  • In section 2:If the practitioner signature is missing don't worry. The barcode at the top contains their e-signature. You don't need to fill anything out here.

Write your doctor's name under "Murdoc Khaleghi"

  • In section 3:Please fill in the date collected, and date shipped.

  • In section 4:Please fill out your personal information. This is a security step.


  • Do not use a drop box. Place the cardboard kit box containing the specimen and the completed test requisition form into the FedEx Clinical Pak. Write your name and address in the space provided on the prepaid Billable Stamp and tear off the Customer Receipt for your records.

  • Affix the Billable Stamp to the Clinical Pack in the space provided. Call FedEx toll free at to schedule your pickup. When you hear the automated greeting say “REP”. You will then be asked if you are calling to ship a package; reply "YES" to be connected directly to a live FedEx representative.

  • Tell the representative that you need a pickup for a shipment using a prepaid “BILLABLE STAMP” and give your address.


  • Your provider will notify you when results are in and schedule a follow-up to review them together

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