Scheduling Your Blood Draw 🩸

When you have a blood draw test, there are so many factors that can make it difficult or confusing. From finding a phlebotomist to preparing properly to trusting someone else with your sample, there's a lot to worry about. At Rupa, we hope to make the process easier for you! So, we've put together some of our best tips on how to seamlessly complete your blood draw. Below you will find the answers to the following questions:

How do I find someone to draw my blood?

A few days after you have paid for your order, you should receive an email containing test instructions and blood draw resources (subject line: Instructions for Completing Your Lab Tests). This email contains all of the information you will need to schedule and complete your blood draw. 

If your practitioner has a preferred phlebotomist

If your practitioner has a preferred phlebotomist (a person who draws blood), their name, contact information, fees, and any special directions will be shared with you. You can contact this phlebotomist to schedule an appointment at their clinic or an appointment for them to come to you (if they are mobile). While this is the best person for you to use, you do not have to use this phlebotomist if they are not convenient for you. 

If you do not want to (or cannot) use your practitioner's preferred phlebotomist, you should reach out to the lab. Some labs have online directories you can use to search for a phlebotomist in your area; others will require you to contact their customer service department. 

If your practitioner does not have a preferred phlebotomist

If your practitioner does not have a preferred phlebotomist, you will receive customized phlebotomy options from us based on your location. These options may include mobile phlebotomists (phlebotomists who will come to your house) or in-office blood draws. 

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How do I schedule my blood draw appointment?

Once you have a name of a phlebotomist or a blood draw clinic, you will reach out to them directly to schedule an appointment. Most phlebotomists draw during normal work hours, with some having early morning or late afternoon/evening appointments. When you set up your blood draw appointment, we recommend that you confirm the following

  • The draw fee
  • How you will be charged for the draw fee (cash, credit card on file, invoice later, etc.)
  • The phlebotomist knows the exact lab company and test that you have (ex: Vibrant America custom serum panel, Genova NutrEval, etc.)
  • Who will be shipping the samples back to the lab company

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Can I go to Quest or LabCorp?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Quest and LabCorp do not draw for any outside kits from specialty labs. The only exception are kits from Precision Point (Dunwoody), as they have arrangements with LabCorp. Because of this, if you have kits from several labs, including Precision Point, we recommend locating a different phlebotomy provider that can draw for all your kits in one appointment.  

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What if there are no phlebotomy recommendations for my area?

If you are unable to find a phlebotomist in your area, reach out to our support team at We are happy to help you find someone to draw your blood! ðŸ˜Š

You can also check one of the following nationwide blood draw centers. If you use any of these options, make sure to call and check that they can draw for the test kit you have. They may not know the names of the specialty lab companies, but describing what the kit is usually helps (ex: serum antibody test, plasma test, etc.). 

Rupa Health is not in any kind of partnership with any of the companies listed below. These are simply recommendations based on what we have seen lab companies and patients use in the past.

In-person Blood Draw Centers

Mobile Blood Draws

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What if I have multiple kits from different labs?

We recommend first finding a phlebotomist who can draw for one of the test kits. You should then reach out to the phlebotomist directly to ensure that they can also draw your kit from the other lab.

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What are the costs associated with the blood draw?

There is almost always an additional fee associated with the blood draw. Draw sites that are contracted with specific lab companies tend to have the cheapest rates, while mobile phlebotomy tends to cost a little more.

The fee for a blood draw at a clinic (such as a doctor's office or Any Lab Test Now) typically ranges from $20 - $60. The fee for a mobile blood draw typically ranges from $75 - $100. These fees are usually not covered by insurance. 

Be aware that you will likely be charged extra if you have multiple test kits.

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Who will ship the kit back to the lab company?

Usually, the person drawing your blood will ship the kit back to the lab company on your behalf.

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My test has multiple sample types. Are they all shipped together? 

Most tests that require multiple sample types also require all samples to be sent together. Collect all samples other than blood prior to your blood draw. 

The collection instructions included in your test kit (and emailed to you) will indicate if you should ship your samples all together. If you should, bring all other sample types to your blood draw appointment. The phlebotomist will help get them properly packed and sent back to the lab company. 

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Common test preparation questions

  • Should I fast? Some, but not all, blood draws require you to fast beforehand.     
    • If required, the fast is typically between 8 and 12 hours. 
    • Fasting is usually only mandatory for tests which measure blood sugar (glucose), triglycerides, or cholesterol. 
  • Should I bring anything other than the test kit and requisition form to my blood draw? Some tests require one or two frozen gel packs to be sent with the sample so that it stays cold. You will need to bring the frozen gel pack(s) with you to your blood draw.
    • If required, the gel pack(s) will be included in your test kit.
    • Make sure you have frozen the gel pack(s) at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Can I get my blood drawn any day of the week? Some tests require you to draw only on specific days due to shipping times or where you are in your cycle (for menstruating women). 
    • It is better to get your blood drawn earlier in the week so that it won't get caught in any shipping issues over the weekend. 
    • Make sure your phlebotomist is aware of any shipping time requirements (stated on the collection instructions in your test kit and on the test instructions we provide).
  • More questions? You can check the test instructions (also emailed to you and sent in your test kit) to ensure you prepare for, time, and collect your sample properly. 

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Reach out to if you have any more questions about your blood draw! 😊