Scheduling Your Blood Draw 🩸

While scheduling a blood draw is done outside of Rupa Health, we’ve put together our best tips on how to seamlessly complete your draw!


How do I schedule my blood draw?

You can either get your blood drawn at an in-person clinic location, or by having a licensed phlebotomist come to your house to draw your blood.

The phlebotomist will usually ship the kit back to the lab on your behalf.

Your best option is to reach out to the lab company directly to see who they recommend. Many have search tools for finding phlebotomy. See Blood Draw Recommendations by Each Lab Company.


What are the costs associated with the blood draw?

There is almost always an additional fee associated with the blood draw. The draw sites that are contracted with specific lab companies tend to have the cheapest rates, and mobile phlebotomy is almost always in a higher cost bracket.

The cost can be anywhere from $20 - $100 per draw and usually is not covered by insurance. Be aware they will likely charge extra if you have multiple test kits.

Can I go to Quest or LabCorp?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Quest and LabCorp do not draw for any outside kits from specialty labs.

Who will ship out the kit?

Usually, the person drawing your blood will ship out the kit on your behalf.

Quick Tips & Reminders:

  • Make sure to be fasting for 8 hours if this is indicated in your testing instructions (Note: This will usually be mandatory if insulin is being tested)
  • You may need to bring a frozen gel pack or frozen brick with you to the blood draw for shipping. Make sure you've frozen this 24h in advance.
  • Make sure you get blood drawn on the appropriate day according to your instructions:
    • Some test kits want your blood draw on a Monday-Thursday for shipping purposes
    • Sometimes blood needs to be drawn on a certain day of your cycle (for menstruating women). 
  • Sometimes the blood component of the kit will need to be shipped together with another sample (for example, urine or saliva). Make sure you've done this at home ahead of time and bring it with you to the blood draw.

Some important questions to ask if you’re calling to find a phlebotomist:

  • Make sure the phlebotomist knows how to draw blood for the exact test kit you have
  • Confirm costs ahead of time
  • Make sure you know the method of payment for that specific phlebotomist (example: credit card on file, cash, etc)
  • Confirm if the phlebotomist will be able to help you ship out the kit

What if the lab company has no recommendations for my area?

If there don't seem to be any options in your area, there are several backup options for what you can do:

In-person Blood Draw Centers

Here are some places we've seen patients go to for in-person blood draws.

Note: If you use any of these options, make sure to call and check that they can draw the test kit that you have. They may not know the names of specialty lab companies, but describing the kit for what it is usually helps, ex. "serum antibody test", "plasma test", etc.

Mobile Blood Draws

There are several Nationwide Mobile Phlebotomy Companies you can check out for availability in your area:

 Note: Rupa Health is not in any kind of partnership with any of these companies listed above. These are simply recommendations based on what we've seen lab companies and patients do in the past.


What if I have multiple kits from different labs?

If you have many kits from different labs, we recommend finding a blood draw site recommended by one of the lab companies that supplied any of the kits, and reaching out to that draw site directly to make sure they can draw several kits from different labs.