How do I complete my test? 🧪

The lab kit you received should come with instructions, and we also send you "cheat sheets" via email a few days after you've paid. If you're looking for more instructions, you have several options:

  1. Check your inbox for an email from the Rupa team with testing instructions
  2. Find the article in our Support Center for that specific test
  3. Reach out to the lab company that supplied your lab test. See contact information.

What if I need to get my blood drawn?

 If your kit requires a blood draw, you'll still receive a kit in the mail. We'll send you several phlebotomy options via email. You can either go to an in-person blood draw site, or have licensed healthcare professional (a phlebotomist) come to you to draw the blood. Read About Scheduling Your Blood Draw.

What questions do I reach out to Rupa Health for?

  • Changes to payment, including payment plans
  • Changes to your order
  • Shipping logistics

What questions do I reach out to the lab company for?

  • Questions on the testing instructions
  • Interaction of supplements or medications
  • Specific medical questions
  • Questions on the exact turnaround time for your results

You can see a directory for reaching out here.