Reaching Support 📞

At Rupa, our goal is to streamline lab testing. We can answer logistical questions related to your lab test order. Some kinds of questions are best answered by your practitioner, the lab that processes your test, or your insurance company. We put together this quick guide to help you.

What questions should I reach out directly to the lab for?

The lab company that your test is actually shipped from can answer questions on:

  • Interaction of supplements or medications on your test results
  • Specific medical questions on details of the test
  • Questions on exact turnaround time for your results

Customer Support Information for our Partner Labs.

What questions should I reach out to my practitioner for?

  • Details about why specific testing was ordered for you
  • Changing lab tests in your order or adding new tests
  • Advice on discontinuing medications for sample collection

What questions should I reach out to my insurance company for?

Your insurance company will be able to answer questions on:

  • Which tests may be covered by insurance
  • How much reimbursement you may receive
  • Whether this testing will be covered if you submit a Superbill
  • What they need in order to process reimbursement

Check out our guide: How to Figure out How Much Insurance Will Cover.

What questions should I reach out to Rupa Health for?

Rupa is the tech platform that handles lab test orders from your practitioner. We sit in between the lab, the patient and the practitioner to streamline the process. We're not actually the lab, so we don't handle your samples.

We can answer anything related to the order logistics, including:

  • Pausing or canceling your order
  • Removing tests from your order
  • Questions on shipping or logistics
  • Setting up a payment plan

Visit our Support Center.

We can be reached at Our customer support hours are 9am-5pm PST, and we do our best to respond within 24 hours. You’ll always be helped by a human! 🙂