🩸Blood Test Overview

🩸What to Expect!


Your provider has submitted an order for you that requires a blood draw! So what’s next? Here, you can find the step-by-step guide to completing your test. If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@rupahealth.com

What to Expect Throughout the Process 

Before the test: 

  • You’ll receive a personalized instructions email from Rupa with everything you need to know about what kind of blood sample is needed and how to prepare for your test before your kit ships! 
  • If your test requires a blood draw, your instructions e-mail will include local phlebotomy options for you to call and schedule an appointment.
  • Next you’ll receive the test kit in the mail and review its contents. You’ll bring the entire test kit and requisition form with you to the blood draw.
  • Prepare yourself! 😄
    • Freeze your cold packs and additional samples as necessary
    • Drink lots water
    • Understand how to adjust your medications or diet for the test
    • Check to see if your blood test requires you to be fasting

During the test:

  • Bring your entire test kit and requisition form with you to the blood draw! 
  • Phlebotomist will process and package the sample for you 📦
  • Phlebotomist will ship the completed kit (note, in some situations, you will have to drop the ship off at a carrier! All postage is pre-paid.)

After the test: