🤳Step 3: The Phlebotomy Options


You’ve received your patient instruction page! Now, let’s schedule a phlebotomy appointment to complete your test!

If you have a BioReference Laboratories test ordered, please click here to learn more about the Scarlet Health phlebotomy experience for these tests. 

What you need to do! 

  • Decide what phlebotomy service provider to use to complete your draw
  • Contact the provider and verify all the information for your draw
  • Schedule an appointment

See below for more details about these steps ☑️

There are two main types of phlebotomy services: clinic and mobile:

Types of Phlebotomy Services
Clinic 🏥 Mobile 🚙
Appointment Recommended Required
Cost $30-50 $80-150+
Kit Bring with you At home 
Complete Kit Drop Off Varies Yes

Note: always call your location first to confirm all details; these are typical for these types of services, but may vary between companies.

Your patient instruction sheet will have local phlebotomy options provided with contact information.  

In some situations, your practitioner will have a preferred location for you to complete your draw - this will be obvious on your patient instruction page. 

When reaching out to schedule your appointment, we recommend confirming

  • They can draw for your specific kit
  • The cost of the draw 💰
  • The phlebotomist can coordinate shipping the completed kit back to the lab 

We’re always happy to answer more detailed questions or walk you through the process! Reach out to our support team (support@rupahealth.com) for further assistance.

Please note that Rupa Health is not contracted with the phlebotomy options that we provide. These are merely options of where you can choose to get your blood drawn. If you know of another service to complete your draw, feel free to use them! 🩸