👀Step 4: The Sample Collection


Properly preparing for your test will help ensure that you will not have any issues down the line. Refer to the patient instruction page for any notes from your practitioner or reach out directly to them to confirm preparation requirements. 

If you have a BioReference Laboratories test ordered, please click here to learn more about the Scarlet Health phlebotomy experience for these tests. 

 What you need to do!

  • Prepare yourself and your kit for your draw appointment 
  • Complete your draw 
  • Make sure your kit gets shipped back to the lab 🚛

See below for more details about these steps ☑️

Before the blood draw:

  • Prepare yourself! 
    • Gather all your kit materials 
    • Freeze any cold packs & collect additional samples as needed 
    • Drink lots of water 💧
    • Adjust your diet and medications as instructed by your practitioner
  • [mobile] Find a sanitary location in your space to complete your draw
  • [clinic] Consider how long it may take to get to your appointment & budget the appropriate amount of time for traveling 

During the blood draw:

  • The phlebotomist should have all the additional supplies and equipment to draw your blood and process your sample 🩸
  • The phlebotomist will guide you through the blood draw process 
  • Once the phlebotomist has collected your sample, they will process it according to the instructions of your kit 

After the blood draw:

  • The actual blood draw should take under 10 minutes, although processing the sample may take longer depending on what’s required for your sample. 
    • Please note that mobile & clinic services offer slightly different experiences, so plan accordingly! 
  • [mobile] Phlebotomist should take any biohazardous waste with them 🗑
  • If you want to track your kit as it makes its way back to the lab, record your return shipping label information
    • Taking a picture of it will do! 📸 
    • Most labs do not offer return shipment tracking, so this is the only way you can track your kit
  • Most phlebotomists will package and ship the kit for you, however the service may not be able to ship the kit on your behalf
    • If the phlebotomy service cannot ship your kit, it will be your responsibility to drop it off or schedule a pick up 
    • Contact the phlebotomy service for more information regarding shipping