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Rupa Physician Services: Payment & Checkout
Rupa Physician Services: Payment & Checkout
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What Is This Additional Fee?

You are able to access testing from 30+ labs through a signing physician when Rupa Physician Services is used. Rupa partners with clinicians who are licensed in all 50 states to empower Physician Services. The fee for Physician Services is $25 per kit, which covers the costs for our partnering clinician to review your information, determine whether testing is appropriate, and provide follow-up on your results, plus fees for Rupa administrative and operational support. Legally, Rupa must charge each time a lab test recommendation is reviewed by the Authorizing Physician.

What is the Refund Policy?

Once you have paid for the recommended testing, the fee for Rupa Physician Services ($25/ kit) is non-refundable, as the Authorizing Physician has already been engaged and reviewed your lab test recommendation.

What is a Kit?

A Kit is a lab test, or set of tests, that are listed on a single lab Requisition Form. Receiving one box in the mail, regardless of how many tests are included, is the equivalent of one "Kit." The Authorizing Physician reviews each Requisition Form independently, which is why there is a charge per "Kit." If you receive multiple physical boxes in the mail, that means there are multiple Kits.

What Happens If My Recommended Testing Was Not Approved by the Authorizing Physician?

In case this happens, you and your practitioner will be notified and you'll be refunded for the cost of the test(s). However, the cost of the review by the Authorizing Physician is unfortunately non-refundable and will still be charged in the case of a denial.

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