Rupa Physician Services Overview
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What is Rupa Physician Services?

With Physician Services, health and wellness practitioners can recommend lab testing on Rupa for their clients to purchase through an authorizing physician who will review and process their order. Physician Services allows you (the client) to gain access to lab testing from the 30+ lab companies through Rupa.

After you review recommended testing and choose to proceed and pay for the testing, the Authorizing Physician reviews the order and signs the requisition forms as appropriate. Results are released to you and your Rupa practitioner at the same time.

How Does Rupa Physician Services Affect Me?

For the most part, your experience will be standard Rupa patient experience.

However, there are some nuances to keep in mind when Physician Services is used:

  • The Authorizing Physician’s name, instead of the name of your typical practitioner, will appear on the requisition form that comes inside your kit.

  • If your results have critical or abnormal values, the Physician who authorized the lab test order will be in touch with you -- they will attempt to reach you by phone 3 times and leave a voicemail if they cannot reach you.

  • Results will always be released to both you and the practitioner who recommended the test at the same time.

  • There is an additional fee per kit where Physician Services was used.

  • Insurance and superbills are not available when Physician Services is used. However, you can still use FSA, HSA, and Rupa's 3-month payment plan.

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