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Shipping & Tracking FAQ ๐Ÿš›
Shipping & Tracking FAQ ๐Ÿš›
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Once your tests have been paid for and you've provided your shipping information, kits will be drop-shipped directly from the labs! You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Rupa letting you know the estimated arrival day of your kit. If you have any questions about shipping & tracking, you can read the FAQ below or contact us at ๐Ÿ˜Š

Does Rupa Health ship my test kit?

Rupa Health places your order directly with the lab that created your test. For example, if your practitioner ordered the GI-MAP test through Diagnostic Solutions, Rupa Health will place your order through this lab who then processes your order for shipment. We do not ship test kits from a Rupa Health warehouse, but we do make sure the labs ship your kits from theirs!

What are the lab's average shipping times?

Each individual lab has it's own average shipping time (the time it takes for the kit to arrive at your home) and turnaround time (the time it takes for the lab to process samples and provide results after you've mailed back your kit). You can view these times by each lab in our chart here!

How do I send my kit back to the lab?

Return packaging is always included in your test kit! Each individual lab has instructions on how to package and return your kit so the sample reaches the laboratory in good condition. Please follow the personalized instructions email sent to you by Rupa or search for your test instructions here. These will include a step-by-step guide on how to package and mail back your kit to ensure your sample can be processed!

Will I be notified when my sample is received by the lab?

We highly recommend taking a photo of your return label so you can personally track your sample back to the lab! Some of our partner labs do notify us when your sample has been received, and you will receive an e-mail from Rupa notifying you when this happens. If available, we will also update you with the โ€œEstimated Completion Dateโ€ as well.

You can email our team at to request for a sample received confirmation. Our team would be more than happy to reach out to the lab directly to confirm this!

What happens if I lose my test kit or my test kit expires?

No worries! Please reach out to with any re-order request and our team would be more than happy to place a new order for you at no additional cost! Please note: expedited shipping requests will include a separate fee.

Why is there no expedited shipping option?

Because test kits are ordered through several different labs that all offer their own expedited fees, we are not able to add this option to orders. Please reach out to for expedited shipping costs before you mail back your test kit and we would be happy to help you through this process!

Will I be notified when my test results are ready?

Your ordering provider will be notified when your results are available and will release them directly to you via email. Please reach out to for any questions, or if you'd like us to contact your provider with your request!

What happens if there are any problems with my samples?

If there are any issues with your samples, we will receive this notification directly from the lab and we will then pass this along to both you and your practitioner. This will include the notice from the lab and what the next steps will be. If you are required to do a recollection, our team will send you another kit at no charge.

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