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Submitting Your Receipt & Superbill to Insurance 🧾
Submitting Your Receipt & Superbill to Insurance 🧾
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At Rupa Health, we provide you with an itemized receipt and Superbill for your lab testing through email that can be easily submitted to insurance for reimbursement. You must wait until your results are in to submit your Superbill to your insurance provider.

This is a standard Superbill for ordered tests based on the most common information for superbills. You are not required to submit a Superbill to insurance and you are also not required to use the provided Superbill or template below upon submission.

What is a Superbill?

A Superbill is an itemized receipt of services a client can submit to insurance after payment and services have been performed. Insurance reimbursement is made at the discretion of the insurance provider based on information provided in the Superbill. The Superbill you receive is not a guarantee of coverage or a guarantee of payment for lab testing.

​For orders before September 22, you will receive an email that contains links to the downloadable receipt & downloadable Superbill for that order. If your order was after this date our team is happy to send you a template to fill out.

Key components of a Superbill include:

  • Client Information

  • ICD-10 Code(s): These are 3-digit diagnosis codes that correspond to the lab testing you completed. There may be just one or there may be multiple. Your practitioner may have given Rupa these codes when they placed your order.

  • CPT Code(s): These are the billing codes associated with your lab test. Lab companies provide these codes for each eligible test offered.

  • Test Information: This information includes the name of the test, the price of the test, and the price paid for the test.

When and how will I get a Superbill?

Upon payment of your order, you will receive an email that contains links to the downloadable receipt & Superbill for that order. However, you must wait until your results are in to submit your Superbill to your insurance provider.

If you used a payment plan to pay for your order, you can receive a copy of your Superbill upon complete payment of tests. If you don't see it after making your last payment, send us a note via your Patient Portal to receive your Superbill!

Note: if your practitioner paid for this order, you will not receive a Superbill. Reach out to your practitioner directly to understand the insurance options available.

What do I do with a Superbill?

Great question! Reach out to your insurance provider to understand their reimbursement process and required documentation. Usually, you will have to follow a reimbursement submission process, which typically requires submitting a Superbill and itemized receipt after your test results are in. Rupa Health does not handle any reimbursement inquiries and does not provide reimbursement advice.

It is possible that the Superbill provided will not have all the information required for submission.

CPT Code table:

  • Code(s) appear: This is great! The lab provided CPT codes and this section is complete.

  • Blank: This means the lab company did not provide CPT codes to Rupa Health. You can search on the lab website or reach out to the Rupa Health Support Team by logging into your Patient Portal for assistance.

  • β€˜Medicare’: This means Medicare was applied for payment of the test.

  • β€˜Not Eligible’: This means the test is ineligible for insurance.

What if I used a coupon or Medicare?

Your Superbill will reflect the amount of paid for each lab test in your order! It will take into account any medicare pricing or coupons applied to tests. For tests paid for with Medicare and ineligible tests, be aware that no prices will appear, as they cannot be submitted for reimbursement.

Can I submit a Superbill for every order?

Reach out to your insurance provider for any specific questions about the eligibility of orders and tests!

We've created a Superbill template that you're always welcome to download and fill out yourself! You can download the attached PDF, and fill it out using these instructions; once complete, you can submit to insurance for your lab testing.

Filling Out the Template

Section 1: Client Information

Client: Enter the patient's basic information

  • Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth

Section 2: Date of Service & Practitioner Information

Date of Service: Enter the payment date for the order. If this was a payment plan, enter the date of the last installment paid. This date can be found on your invoice in the top right corner of your itemized receipt:

Provider: Enter the practitioner's information

  • Name: The name of the practitioner who ordered lab testing for you.

  • NPI #: This is their National Provider Identifier. You can find this in several ways:

    • You can use this NPI Lookup Tool.

    • You can type into Google, "Dr. John Smith NPI California."

    • You can ask your practitioner directly.

  • Clinic Name: This is the name of your practitioner's clinic.

  • Clinic Address: This is your practitioner's clinic address. If you're unsure, we recommend asking your doctor.

Section 3: Diagnosis

These are the diagnosis codes, often referred to as ICD-10 codes, that correspond to the lab testing you completed. There may be just one or there may be multiple! Reach out to your practitioner directly to obtain these codes, as they're the only ones who can provide the diagnosis codes for an order.

Section 4: Treatment

This section is organized by lab company and associated lab tests. You'll need to fill out a separate item description for each lab test you completed.

  • Lab Company Name Tax ID or NPI: Enter the name of the Lab Company associated with the lab testing performed (the laboratory that shipped and processed your samples). You'll need to include the Tax ID or NPI number for that lab company as well. You can type into Google, "Genova Diagnostics NPI" or look on the lab company's website(s) to find this information.

  • Lab Test: The name of the lab test you took; for example, DUTCH Complete, GI-Effects, Gi-Map, etc.

  • Billing CPT Code(s): These are the billing codes associated with your lab test.

  • Price: Price of the test on Rupa Health. This can be found on your itemized invoice!

  • Adjustment: If any coupons or discounts were applied, please add a negative number here for the corresponding amount!

  • Total paid: This is the price of the individual test. It will be on the line item for your itemized receipt.

Section 5: Total Paid

This is the total price paid by the client for eligible tests in the order.

Don't forget to send in your itemized receipt along with this Superbill.

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