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How Insurance Works for Genova Diagnostics 🧾
How Insurance Works for Genova Diagnostics 🧾
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How does insurance work for my lab test(s) from Genova Diagnostics?

If your doctor indicates up-front that you'd like to pursue insurance for your lab test from Genova Diagnostics, you'll know when you receive your invoice. If you wish to use insurance for your Genova order but do not see that indicated on your invoice, please reach out to us at and we will update your invoice.

Genova Diagnostics charges an initial insurance price up-front, which is a fraction of the test's entire cost. Once your sample is received at the lab, Genova will run the rest of the test cost through your insurance. If there's any balance remaining after (meaning your insurance didn't cover all or a part of the test), Genova will charge you an amount up to the total price of the test.

In this case, you'll pay Rupa Health the initial insurance price, but submit your insurance information directly to Genova.

How do I complete my requisition form? What do I check off?

  • In section 2, your insurance information should already be filled in. Please confirm that this is accurate.

  • In section 3, you do not need to fill in your payment information


How can I find out how much my insurance will cover?

If you'd like to figure out how much your insurance company can reimburse or cover for the testing, you'll have to reach out to them directly. You'll likely need ICD-10 Diagnosis codes from your doctor, and the names of the lab tests. If your insurance company asks for the CPT codes corresponding to the lab tests, you should ask the lab company for these.

When will I find out if I owe extra money?

Genova Diagnostics will reach out to you directly after your results are in, to reconcile any billing. They generally communicate via mail or email.

Can I get a Superbill or a receipt to submit to my insurance?

We provide an itemized receipt for lab tests paid through Rupa Health. To submit this to your insurance, you'll also need ICD-10 diagnosis codes from your provider, and CPT procedural codes for your labs. You can get these CPT codes from each individual lab by reaching out to the lab directly. Here's how to contact them.

Can I use Medicaid Coverage for Genova tests?

Currently, Genova does not support insurance coverage for Medicaid. Any orders submitted with Medicaid as the primary carrier will be charged at the full price of the lab test. Changes to the status of Medicaid coverage for Genova testing will be announced by Rupa as soon as it is available!

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