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Rupa Health Insurance Policies πŸ‘ˆ
Rupa Health Insurance Policies πŸ‘ˆ
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Does Rupa Health accept insurance?

Right now, Rupa is cash-pay only for all lab tests except stool tests from Diagnostic Solutions; which can be ordered by your provider through Medicare.

Can you check on my insurance for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot. At Rupa Health, we don't know ahead of time what each insurance company will cover, due to the vast variety of insurance policies, companies, etc. Your own coverage is unique to you and it is best that you reach out to your insurance carrier directly if you’d like to learn more about your options.

Can I pay with HSA or FSA?

Yes, we accept both HSA and FSA cards for payment! However, certain HSA and FSA providers have very strict plans, and it is up to them which merchants to accept.

Can you create a Superbill for me?

We've created a Superbill template that you can fill out and submit to insurance for your lab testing. Our team is also happy to give you an itemized receipt of what testing was done for you, along with your diagnosis codes, CPT codes from the lab, and your practitioner's information. You can read more about Superbills and download our template here. For questions about Superbills, you can reach out to our team at

Are there online tools or apps that I can use to check for my coverage for any test?

Unfortunately, there are no tools like this that we know of! If you find one, please let us know. 😊

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