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Reaching your Support Team 🫶
Reaching your Support Team 🫶
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At Rupa, we know the journey to health isn’t always straightforward, but we’re here to make your lab testing as quick and painless as possible! Our team is available to help you along the way. 😊

What questions should I reach out to Rupa Health for?

You can reach our team by logging into, or creating your Patient Portal! Once you’re in, simply click the “💬” that lives in the lower right-hand corner of the page! Our customer support hours are 6am-5pm PST, and we do our best to respond within 24 hours. You’ll always be helped by a human!

While we're not actually the lab and we don't handle your samples, we're here to answer questions about the following:

  • Testing instructions, including finding a blood draw location

  • Filling out the lab's requisition form

  • Payment questions, or to set-up a payment plan

  • Pausing, canceling or changing your order

  • Shipping and tracking

  • Using our Superbill Template

  • If your kit is lost or damaged, and you require recollection

What questions should I reach out to my practitioner for?

  • Details about why specific testing was ordered for you

  • Questions about medication or supplement interactions

  • Specific medical questions related to your individual treatment plan

  • Scheduling a follow-up visit to go over your lab test results

What questions should I reach out to my insurance company for?

Your insurance company will be able to answer questions on:

  • Which tests may be covered by insurance

  • How much reimbursement you may receive

  • Whether this testing will be covered if you submit a Superbill

  • What do they need in order to process reimbursement

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