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Short Comprehensive Profile
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Test Details

Lab Company: Doctor's Data
โ€‹ Sample Type: Saliva
โ€‹ Collection Location: At Home

The Short Comprehensive Profile assesses hormone imbalances and HPA axis dysfunction.

Key Details

  • Certain foods and medications should be avoided on the day of sample collection.

  • If you take hormones, follow the timing directions below.

  • Samples can only be shipped Monday - Friday.

  • The samples and the provided ice pack should be frozen for at least 4-6 hours prior to shipping.

    • Keep them in the freezer until you ship.

Preparation & Timing

  • If you are a menstruating woman, collect one day during days 19-23 of your menstrual cycle (assuming a 28-day cycle).

    • Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period.

  • If you are taking topical hormones,

    • Your last dose prior to collection should be 12-24 hours before collecting your first sample.

    • DO NOT use them during the day of saliva collection.

  • If you are taking sublingual hormones or troches,

    • Your last dose prior to collection should be 24-36 hours before collecting your first sample.

    • Drink 2 full glasses of water after taking your last dose to clean the tissues.

    • DO NOT take them during the day of saliva collection.

  • If you are taking hormone injections, subcutaneous pellets, or transdermal patches,

    • Collect your samples at the halfway point between doses.

      • Example: 3 days after a once-a-week injection

  • If you are taking oral hormones (pills) or transdermal patches,

    • Use as prescribed on the day of collection.

  • If you are taking a cortisol supplement, glucocorticoid, or cortisol-containing medication, consult with your healthcare provider prior to collecting your samples.

    • It is recommended to stop using these products 5 days prior to sample collection.

    • Consult with your healthcare provider prior to discontinuing any prescription medications.

  • Avoid the following foods and medications on the day of collection:

    • Any food or drinks containing caffeine

    • All supplements and non-essential medications

      • Consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to discontinuing any prescription medications.

  • Prior to each saliva collection,

    • DO NOT drink or eat anything for 1 hour prior to collection.

    • DO NOT brush or floss your teeth or have dental work done for 30 minutes prior to collection.

  • Your first saliva collection MUST be 30 minutes after you wake up for the day.

Collection Instructions

  1. Collection Schedule - You MUST follow this schedule.

    1. Collection 1: 30 minutes after waking (pink tube)

    2. Collection 2: noon/before lunch (green tube)

    3. Collection 3: evening/before dinner (orange tube)

    4. Collection 4: night/right before bed (blue tube)

  2. Wash your hands.

  3. Rinse your mouth with water.

  4. Wait 10 minutes before beginning collection.

  5. Collect your saliva into the appropriate tube (see schedule above).

    1. Fill the tube 3/4 full (bubbles are okay).

    2. You can use the included straws to help funnel saliva into the tube.

  6. If you have trouble producing saliva, try

    1. Yawning

    2. Thinking of your favorite food

    3. Touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

  7. When the tube is 3/4 full, snap the tube closed tightly.

  8. Write the date and time of collection on the tube and requisition form.

  9. Place the saliva tube in the freezer immediately.

  10. Repeat steps 2-9 for each of the four collections.

  11. When all four tubes have been collected, place them in the plastic bag with the absorbent material.

  12. Keep all saliva tubes in the freezer until you are ready to ship them.

Requisition & Payment

  • Your kit has been prepaid. You DO NOT need to pay anything extra.

  • Instructions on how to fill out your requisition can be found HERE.

    • Since you pre-paid for your tests, you do not need to fill in the payment information on any of these forms.


  • Ship Monday - Friday only.

  • Freeze the ice pack and your sample for at least 4-6 hours prior to shipping.

  • To prepare your samples for shipping,

    • Remove the saliva samples from the freezer.

    • Place the insulated cooler into the cardboard test kit box.

    • Place the saliva samples into the insulated cooler.

    • Place the frozen ice pack into the insulated cooler.

    • Place the completed test requisition form into the insulated cooler.

    • Place the lid on the cooler and close the cardboard box.

    • Place the cardboard box into the FedEx Clinical Pak.

    • Fill in your information on the Billable Stamp and place it on the FedEx Clinical Pak.

      • Keep the customer receipt.

  • Make a note of your tracking number so that you can track the sample back to the lab.

  • Ship using FedEx.

    • DO NOT place your samples in a FedEx drop box.

    • You can schedule a FedEx pickup by calling 1-800-463-3339.

      • At the automated greeting, say, "schedule a pickup."

      • At the next prompt, say, "schedule a pickup with a label or stamp."

      • You will be asked if the waybill says "stamp" - say, "yes."

      • Then give your address information.


  • Results should be released to your provider 5-7 business days after samples are received at the lab. We cannot guarantee processing time.

  • Your provider will notify you when your results are in and schedule a follow-up appointment for you to review them together.

More Resources


For general questions, email Rupa Health at For test-specific questions, contact Doctor's Data by calling 800-323-2784 or emailing Doctor's Data customer service at

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