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🤔 What Is a Blood Spot Test?

A blood spot test or 'Dried Blood Spot' is a blood test that a patient can collect themselves at their convenience. A patient will use the lancet provided in the kit to prick their finger and place blood drops on the provided card per instructions included in the kit.

The card with dried blood spots are then analyzed per specifications of the test. These are commonly used for measuring hormones, vitamin D, thyroid, and insulin.

📝 How Do I Complete a Blood Spot Test?

This test can be completed without a phlebotomist. Instructions will be provided with the kit that is sent to each patient. Typical kits include medical gloves, alcohol prep pads, bandaids, lancet, and gauze pad, in addition to the collection card and specimen bag.

In general, directions will generally advise patients to:

  • Be well hydrated

  • Do arm exercises or warming your hands to increase blood flow

  • Have collection card and materials set up before starting the collection

  • Wipe away the first drop

  • Air dry the collection card

Detailed directions provided in the kit should be followed!

🤯 What Should I Be Aware Of?

  • No changes to diet are required

  • Find an area with a clean surface where you can complete your collection; it is possible for blood droplets to get on your collection area

  • Do not use swollen or previously punctured fingers

  • Do not use your 5th finger

  • Do not use if you're on blood thinners

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