🤳Step 3: Schedule Your Blood Draw
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You’ve received your patient instructions email from us! Now, let’s schedule a phlebotomy appointment to complete your test.

What you need to do!

  • Check out the list of blood draw options we provided in Step 3 of our instructions email. Decide what phlebotomy service provider to use to complete your draw.

  • Contact the provider and verify they will draw for the tests your practitioner ordered

  • Schedule an appointment

See below for more details about these steps ☑️

There are two main types of phlebotomy services: clinic and mobile:

Types of Phlebotomy Services

Clinic 🏥

Mobile 🚙








Bring with you

At home

Complete Kit Drop Off



You are looking for a clinic or mobile service that is able to collect samples for specialty lab tests.

It is important to contact the service before making an appointment or walking in to make sure they are able to help you!

When reaching out to schedule your appointment, we recommend confirming:

  • They can draw for your specific kit

  • The cost of the draw 💰

  • The phlebotomist can coordinate shipping the completed kit back to the lab

The blood draw service will usually ask what kind of kit you have and what type of sample your test requires (whole blood, serum, or plasma). You can find this information on the receipt emailed to you. Feel free to reach out to us at support@rupahealth.com for this as well! 🙂

See below for a call script to use when contacting a blood draw service!

Where should I look? 🕵️

Below are some helpful keywords to search for when looking for a blood draw service in your area. If you already have a location in mind, click HERE for what to ask when reaching out to make an appointment. 🩸

  1. Blood draw clinic near me

  2. Hospital blood lab near me

    1. Hospital labs often are able to draw blood for specialty kits and are sometimes cheaper than local clinics! Walk-ins are usually welcome as well.

  3. Mobile phlebotomy service near me

    1. Mobile blood draw services will come to your home and tend to have the most flexible hours. They are often the most expensive as well.

PLEASE NOTE: LabCorp and Quest, unfortunately, do not draw for specialty lab kits. You will not be able to schedule an appointment at their locations. 🙅

What should I ask? 🤷

Call checklist (the most important items to verify!) ✅

  • Is an appointment needed?

  • Do blood draws need to be completed by a certain time?

    • You want your samples to be picked up and shipped the same day they are collected. We recommend the earlier the appointment the better! 🙂

  • Are they able to ship the kit? i.e. will the lab ship your samples for you or do you need to do this yourself

  • Cost?

  • Is there anything else I should know?

* Note: If you are making an appointment for a child be sure to ask if pediatric blood draws are available! ✍️

Call Script ☎️

You can use the script below when calling a potential blood draw service to make sure all your questions are answered!

Hi! I was calling to see if it was possible to get a blood draw for a specialty testing kit here?”

They say yes/no, or need more information (Some labs aren’t very familiar with kits)

If they need more information: “I have the kit, it’s from [insert name of the lab running your test here]. I’m just looking for somewhere that can actually draw the blood, and ship the kit back to the lab. The kit has a return shipping label.”

Once you get a definitive answer, you can move on. If they cannot tell you yes or no on their ability to draw for the kit, stop here. If they aren’t super sure, this probably wouldn’t be a good experience for you. If they are able to, or pretty confident, continue!

“Great! Can I come in whenever or do I need to make an appointment?”

They answer with information regarding when to come in.

“Awesome, thank you! Are you able to ship the kit for me or do I need to ship the kit myself?”

They answer with shipping information.

“Do you know what the cost of the draw is?”

If they don’t know the answer, that’s okay. If they can give you a ballpark number (e.g. “like $20-30), that’s fine too!

“Is there anything else I should know or do before I come in for my appointment?”

“Great — thank you so much for answering my questions! Have a great day!” 🎉

What if I need help? 🙋

If you run into any questions or are having trouble finding a location please let us know! We’re always happy to walk you through the process or do a phlebotomy search for you! Reach out to our support team (support@rupahealth.com) for further assistance. 🤩

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