🔍Overview: Blood Test Types
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🩸 Let's demystify blood tests!

At Rupa, there are multiple types of tests that involve blood collection. The collection process and sample handling instructions will differ by test type. But don't worry! What you need to know is which blood test types require a phlebotomist to complete the blood draw and which you can complete yourself. Let's jump in!

Self-Collection 💪

These tests are typically based off of a finger prick (also referred to as a finger stick). All material will be provided within the test kit sent to you. Typical materials include lancet, gauze pads, alcohol wipes.

Phlebotomist Required 💉

Blood tests that require blood draws will generally be a venipuncture sample. Test materials will be provided within the test kit sent to you. A phlebotomist will provide all additional material needed for the blood draw itself such as a centrifuge and bandaids.

🩸 Blood Test Types

Let's compare the types of tests:

Blood Spot



💉Phlebotomist Required


💉Phlebotomist Required

Whole Blood

💉Phlebotomist Required

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