🔍Step 1: The Blood Test
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Your practitioner has ordered you a test that requires a blood draw! Let's break down what the test actually means 😊!

You can see your sample type right on your test and requisition form! If your sample type requires a blood draw, you will also see local phlebotomy options listed in our instructions email.

Blood Sample Types that Require Scheduling a Blood Draw:

Don’t be scared! Your phlebotomist will be familiar with what these different sample types mean and will know what to do! Blood draws are a routine medical procedure and they really shouldn’t hurt ❤️🩹

Blood Sample Types with Self-Collection:

*This is a self collection blood sample -- it doesn’t require a phlebotomist to draw your blood! Our tutorial video will show you exactly how to prick your finger and deposit drops of blood on a special card.

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