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Payment FAQs 💳
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What payment methods does Rupa Health accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and HSA or FSA cards. Bank transfers are also available. We also offer 3-month interest-free financing plans through the payment platform Splitit!

What payment methods can I use for the payment plan option?

SplitIt only accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards. They are unable to process payments using debit/bank cards (including debit/credit hybrid cards), as well as HSA and FSA cards. SplitIt will also need to verify that funds for the total amount is available at the time of purchase in order to initiate the first installment. After you pay the first installment of, your test kits will be shipped!

Can I use insurance for my lab tests?

Rupa Health accepts payments for lab tests, but we can not submit insurance claims or reach out to your insurance carrier directly.

You can pay for tests using one of the methods above, an HSA (Health Savings Account) card, or an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) card. You can also pursue insurance coverage retroactively through your insurance company by submitting your Rupa Health invoice receipt. You may need to provide a Superbill receipt for your insurance claim. Only your insurance company can directly confirm what you will need to submit, so we can recommend calling them directly!

If you need a Superbill receipt to submit a claim to insurance, you can view our printable PDF here: Rupa Health: Submitting your Receipt to Insurance.

Rupa only supports direct insurance ordering for Diagnostic Solutions stool tests. These tests can be billed through Medicare if your practitioner selects this option while creating the order.

How can I use an HSA or FSA card to pay for testing?

You can put your HSA or FSA card number right on the payment page.

Note that some HSA/FSA providers have strict requirements on what vendors they accept. For this reason, it's possible that your card will fail even though lab testing through Rupa is HSA-eligible. If this happens, you can reach out to your HSA or FSA provider and see if you can submit your Rupa receipt retroactively to them.

Can I get a Superbill or a receipt to submit to my insurance?

We provide an itemized receipt for lab tests paid through Rupa Health. To submit this to your insurance, you'll also need ICD-10 diagnosis codes from your provider and CPT procedural codes for your labs. Our team is happy to help you with getting these codes! Reach out to us by logging into your Patient Portal.

You can find more information on the Superbill process, including a template to use, in the article HERE.

What is your return policy for kits?

Patients have 365 days from payment to return a lab test kit. To be eligible for a return, the kit must be unused.

How to Initiate a Return

  1. Send an email with the test kit name to asking for a cancellation. Upon receipt of the request, Rupa will check refund eligibility.

  2. If eligible for a refund, Rupa will request a photo of the kit with the requisition ripped up.

  3. Send a photo of the kit with the requisition ripped up.

  4. After Rupa receives a photo of the destroyed requisition form, the refund will be processed.

Policy details:

  • All cancellations must be requested within 365 days of payment to be eligible for a refund.

  • No refunds will be issued after test samples arrive at the lab.

  • The refund will be for the full price of the test and will be returned to the original payment method.

  • The Rupa processing and ordering fee is non-refundable.

  • The Physician Services fee is non-refundable.

  • All shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

  • Certain exclusions apply.*

*These kits are non-refundable:

  • COVID-19 antibody tests from any lab

  • All tests from the following labs:

    • Cyrex Laboratories

    • DNA RX

    • SpectraCell Laboratories

*The following tests are refundable but refunds must be requested within 30 days of ordering and a $32 service fee will be subtracted from your refund:

  • All tests from TruDiagnostic

*The following tests are refundable but a $35 service fee will be subtracted from your refund:

  • All tests from DNAlife

  • All tests from ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies

  • All tests from Infinite Allergy Labs

  • All tests from Vibrant America and Vibrant Wellness

*The following tests are refundable but a $41 service fee will be subtracted from your refund:

  • All tests from Aerodiagnostics LLC

*The following tests are refundable but a $50 service fee will be subtracted from your refund:

  • All tests from Cell Science Systems

Except for any products designated on the Rupa site as Final Sale or non-returnable, we will accept product cancellations and provide you with a refund of your purchase price, less the original processing and ordering fee and original shipping and handling costs. Products from the following labs are always Final Sale and are not returnable: Cyrex Laboratories, DNA RX, and SpectraCell Laboratories.

Refunds are processed within approximately ten business days of our receipt of the picture of the destroyed requisition form. Your refund will be credited back to the same payment method used to make the original purchase on the Rupa site. WE OFFER NO REFUNDS ON ANY PRODUCTS DESIGNATED ON THIS SITE AS NON-RETURNABLE OR FINAL SALE.

For defective products, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty information in the Rupa Terms of Use and Sale included with the product or as detailed in the product’s description on our site.

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