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What to Expect in the Rupa Process 😊
What to Expect in the Rupa Process 😊
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What is Rupa Health?

Rupa Health is a lab ordering platform with one simple goal: make the lab testing process easier! We partner with over 30+ labs to provide thousands of tests your practitioner can order to discover the root cause of your symptoms. Once your practitioner orders testing, we’ll guide you along the way and answer questions. You can reach our support team directly by logging into, or creating your Patient Portal! Once you’re in, simply click the “💬” that lives in the lower right-hand corner of the page!

I received an email that my practitioner ordered testing. What's next?

5 Easy Steps:

  1. After your practitioner places an order through Rupa, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know which tests they ordered. Our email will tell you if we still need to collect your shipping information and/or collect payment. Your order will not be shipped until we have this information!

  2. Once you enter your shipping info and the tests are paid, you’ll receive a shipment confirmation email from us with the estimated arrival date of your kits. Note: Rupa partners and works with the labs, but we ourselves are not a laboratory. Kits drop-ship directly from the labs and samples are processed in their facilities.

  3. Two days after kits ship from the labs, you’ll receive a personalized instructions email from us! This can include any specific instructions from your practitioner, foods/supplements to avoid and blood draw information, so make sure you read this before completing your test. 👈

  4. Your personalized instructions email will tell you exactly how to collect your sample, fill out your requisition form and send your kit back to the lab (return packaging is always included).

  5. Once the lab has processed your sample and results are ready, they'll be sent directly to your practitioner, who will then share results with you via email.

Payment & Insurance 💳

How do I complete my lab test? 🧪

How do I fill out the test requisition form?📄

Shipping & Tracking 🚛

Results 📈

Where can I view my results?

We send your lab test results directly to your practitioner, who will then release them to you. If you have any questions about receiving results from your practitioner, you can message our team by logging into, or creating your Patient Portal! We're happy to reach out to your provider with this request.

What is the turnaround time for results?

Turnaround times vary by lab. They are calculated from the date that the sample is received at the lab. You can see a full list of turnaround times by each individual lab company here. We highly recommend taking a photo of the tracking info on the return shipping label before you send your kit back to the lab, so you can know when the lab has received your samples!

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